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Lark's Dominion
Worship me now.
This movie is now easily listed amongst the elite few movies I deem "must see" movies. It's made it onto my favorite's list.

If you haven't seen it yet, go see it. Please please please don't be scared away by the fact that it's a foreign film (Spanish to be precise). Yes, it's subtitled, but believe me when I say it's worth it. And I don't just say that because I speak Spanish. I speak normal, bastardized Spanish. Not the uppity, snobby Castillian Spanish spoken in Spain with gay little lisps (yes, I have a thing against snobby Spanish people... not every Spaniard is snobby, but 8 out of 10 that I've met have been so frickin obnoxious) so I ended up reading the subtitles almost as much as my English-only friend did.

While yes, this movie is fairy-taleish, it's not for kids AT ALL. It's such a surreal movie with enough realism to make it honest. It's a very violent movie, but not a single bit of it is gratuitous. Every bit of it is very very necessary to the story.

They could have taken the main bad guy's character and made him a stereotypical caricature but honestly... he was a typical aristocratic man of those times with the typical outlook on life that a man of his station would have. It worked perfectly.


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So I'm yapping with a very good friend of mine and there's this guy thats totally digging her and he is constantly trying to get in her pants but recently disclosed that he has "performance issues". So she and I are talking about how he's still trying to get together with her at the last minute all the time. He'll call her at 7 and ask her if she'd like to go out with him at 7:30! Or he'll call her towards the end of the day to see her later that night. He doesn't ever plan ahead or call a day or two ahead. It's always last minute.

So anyways, we're talking and she mentions that he's contacted her again and I told her that she needs to just get rid of him if this thing isn't going anywhere between them and that she needs to basically tell him if he can't get it going, why bother trying to get in her pants all the time?

Her response:

I can't be that direct about his, ahem, winkie wobbles

LMAO!!!!! I bloody well love it! LOVE IT! His "winkie wobbles"! LOL

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I was IMing with a co-worker over some work related issues and once it was all resolved, he remembered something else and asked me to look into one of his orders and release it from credit status if possible.

I looked it up and told him he'd have to go talk to one of the other analysts because it's not my account. And he said (I love it!):

you only have so many ounces of nice you can give out a day

How awesome is that? That's just so... so... perfectly... ME!

I will remember this quote fondly forever and ever!

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My kitty cat loves me! He's so cute... he's curled up right next to me on my desk leaning against my arm trying to get me to pet him. He will usually shove his head under my hand while I'm typing to force me to pet him. He's machine-gun purring right now and it's vibrating down my arm. Crazy fat-assed cat. :)

The puppy is sprawled on the floor by the baby gate that blocks her away from Dave's two kitties so she lays there intently waiting for a glimpse of those cats. Any sudden movements will make her jump straight up in the air and start barking like a maniac because she wants to play with them soooooo bad. Too bad she hasn't learned how to not LUNGE at the timid kitties. They're absolutely terrified of her! LOL

Anyhoo, just dropping a quick line since it's been so long. I've been trying to catch up on my reading since visiting Nic, I got a TON of books from her that I need to read along with our trip to Santa Rosa where I picked up even more books to read! At least it didn't break my wallet this time.

Tally ho!

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And that's pretty much all I have to say about it.

They told us that pretty much EVERYONE that got called in will be called into a jury selection pool.

So much for my hopes of quietly being allowed to go home and go play WoW. *cry* Sigh. Guess it doesn't really matter. Today is patch day anyways. The servers will prolly not be back up before 11 am anyways.


So. Bored.

Okay, the Asian hottie that won this season's Survivor? Soooooo hawt! And he's from my town. Yul Kwon is from San Mateo, CA and he's single. mmmmmmmm.... *drool*

Damn. He's FIONE!

Okay, I'm going to try to find another website to amuse me. Tootles!

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Kids are evil. Eeeeeeeevil.

Every time I'm around a bunch of kids (mountains of them!), I get sick. It's like kids all have SuperGerms! And they always make a beeline straight for me.

Why oh why do kids have to love me so much? I don't get it! I'm mean to them. I'm super strict. I love saying no to them. And yet they love me. The little masochists! ;)

Sick and grumpy,

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Many folks have contacted my company asking how they can help James' family during this hard time in their lives and CNET's response is copied below (click here to read the original).

Can I ask a favor of you? If you have a Digg account (or if you don't mind creating one), please Digg this article in order to get the word out. I'd really appreciate it!

To our readers:

For the last several days, thousands of you have sent condolences and shared your feelings over the tragic loss of CNET Senior Editor James Kim. Your outpouring of support has been overwhelming.

We at CNET would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you around the globe who wrote in. Your expressions of goodwill have been comforting through this difficult time.

If you wish to write to the Kim family directly, you can do so at JamesandKati.com. Many of you have also expressed a desire to make donations. The Kim family is working on setting up an official fund. In the meantime, you can make out checks to "The James Kim Memorial Fund" and mail it to this address:

The Kim Family
c/o CNET Networks
235 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Jai Singh
Editor in chief and senior vice president, CNET
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James Kim is a Hero. A Hero with a capital H. And it's just so fucking wrong that he's dead.

I don't know how many of you may have been following the story of James Kim and his family. The background of this story is that James and his family (wife Kati, 4 yo daughter Penelope, 7 month daughter Sabine) got stranded in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere, in their car in really bad, snowy conditions. They were missing for 10 days before the privately hired helicopters found the car. Kati had tricked out an umbrella and was waving it and flashing it around to get their attention. This was her third attempt to try to get their attention in as many days. Thankfully, they saw her this time and immediately contacted officials at Search and Rescue (SARS) to pinpoint the location. They couldn't get to the car via traditional means because of the snow and trecherous conditions so they had to use snowcats to get them out. They rescued Kati and the girls. James had left 2 days earlier to try to find help for his family. He left the safety of that car and trudged around in the snow and cold and dealt with all of his fears in order to try to save his family. He left the little warmth they provided each other and stepped into that fucking freezing ass cold winter... and never came back.

Four days alone in the cold. Four days trying to make it somewhere to save his family. Four days of pain and suffering so that his wife and kids could be saved. Four days.

James is a fucking Hero. The tragedy of it is that had he stayed in the car, he would have lived. But he couldn't have known. He had already waited 7 whole days for a rescue that seemed to never come.

They ran the heater of the car until it ran out of gas. They BURNED THEIR FUCKING TIRES FOR HEAT. That's how cold it was. And yet still, he left that damn car to try to save his family.

No, I didn't know him personally. I'm sure I've seen him around the office, walked past him on the stairs, bumped shoulders with him at company events. But Christ, I feel his loss as if he and I were closest of friends.

When we first heard that they'd gone missing, it was kind of shocking but nothing too insanely emotional. After 5 days of being missing, no one wanted to say it, but most of us were sure that they were dead. When Kati and the girls were found, it was as though God personally shined a light on that family. We cheered and we laughed and we smiled and we were happy. When we heard that Jim had left the car 2 days earlier, we understood the need he felt at the time and now figured it was just a matter of hours... maybe a day to find him and bring his ass home. It really didn't seriously occur to us that he would die. I mean, yes, it crossed our minds. But they'd already survived some crazy odds. God is smiling on them. He's a smart fucking cookie. He'll figure out a way. He's the fucking Jack Bauer of figuring shit out.

The first news flash simply said that they'd found James. Maybe 10 minutes later, it changed to they'd found James' body.

My heart hasn't stopped bleeding since. And I didn't even know him.

After everything she's gone through, Kati now has to deal with coming home to an empty house filled with memories. She has to go to bed alone in a bed made for two. She has to see his dirty socks in the laundry basket. She has to deal with picking up the underwear he'd kicked into the corner of their bedroom. She has to deal with answering her babies when they ask for their daddy.

It's a fucking tragedy that a Hero like him can't be there to comfort that woman when she needs him most.

One of my co-workers at CNET wrote an article on Wired about James that made me sit at my desk and bawl like a little baby. You can read it here.

Everyone, please, please, please... Grab those you love and hold them tightly to you. Show them that you care. If you're not one to say I Love You, say it anyway. Because you just never know what tomorrow will bring.

James' co-workers at CNET put together a memorial for him that you can see here. Get an idea of the kind of guy James was.

Rest in peace, James Kim. You deserved so much better.
1971 - 2006

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That's the last time I go out and have lots of fun on a school night!

Laurel and I went to DNA last night (a local nightclub) and they were doing a pirate themed burlesque show that was just frickin' hysterical. It was just so damn funny!

But of course, we had a few drinks, laughed our asses off, and had so much fun that I don't think I staggered to bed until 2 am and I had to get up today at 6:30 for work! How wrong is that? Ugh.

Needless to say, I've been a zombie all day. And since I have all of next week off, my mind was already fuzzy to begin with. Oh, well. I get to sleep in tomorrow. :)

Party nights w/ Laurel are going to have to be a much more common event. Just not on a school night. Lesson learned. LOL

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My bestest girlfriend in the world is coming to visit for a week and she gets here on Saturday afternoon and doesn't leave until Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) so I get to spend Thanksgiving with both of my best friends! Yay!

I've taken next week off (but I do work tomorrow) and we're planning a totally pampery spa day up in Calistoga during the week to recoop from all of the stresses and whatnot of our lives.

Mudbaths! Body wraps! Mineral baths! Hour long massages! And lots and lots of wine. ;)

How heavenly!

Sigh. Okay, gotta get through the rest of the week. Right-o!


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